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The dream maker!!! 

My boss knows me too well and brings me kind kind gifts from New Mexico.
Da new stomping groundz (at Occidental College)
"I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it" ❤️❤️#katietomzynski #bffs
Thai flavors singing me a ~*song*~ (at Night + Market Song)
Freaking grandma, man.
Rafaela who drinks coconut and papaya juice on Wednesdays ;) (at Guelaguetza)
Triple wow (at The Getty Museum, Los Angeles)
Wow wow wow (at The Getty Museum, Los Angeles)
Beautiful music last night from Alma y Alma! I loooove hearing  @rociolibertad sing!! (at Guisados)
If you’re gonna make me go to work, let there be jam, granola, yogurt, and coffee, obvi, but that goes first.