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HAPPEH EASTERS!!!!!!!! (at Casa Guardado)
Really really hard to get a Mari Dog Dad hiking selfie! (at Chantry Flats)
#tbt to this magical forest!!! (at Sturtevant Falls)
Bear caves!  (at Chantry Flats)
I love you, Malibu (at Solstice Canyon)
Wine cheese olives que French
Lobsta. It’s like buttah. (at Newport Seafood Restaurant)
Also still super stoked that I met Salvi actor inspiration/part 2 of Culture Clash Ric Salinas after his performance in Placas! The Salvis are coming!!!!
Belated, but still super stoked, because not only did I meet Richard Montoya of Culture Clash, we nuzzled, people! Nuzzled!!! #cultureclash

You go, girl.

(Source: Spotify)